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A Plan for Social Media Marketing

Over the past year or so, it seems like social media has been examined from every angle in terms of its business applications. One of the most obvious business applications is in the marketing realm. I was doing some reading on the topic for an upcoming project and I came across this article on B2C Marketing Insider. The piece details SAP Community Network’s “Four Steps to Social Media Marketing Excellence.” I thought step four (“Define meaningful metrics and report monthly results”) was one of the best pieces of advice any business could receive about using social media for marketing purposes.

One of the areas that tends to be overlooked when companies dive into the social media pool is how to measure success. The instinct is to attempt to monetize the equation as quickly as possible. A company may look at using a social media tool such as Twitter and base its decision to use such a tool on whether or not it will generate sales. In many cases, social media technology isn’t a direct line to profit, but rather it’s a conduit by which you can reach your customers in the hopes of driving them to purchase from another platform (such as your company’s Web site).

While marketing is the obvious connecting place when it comes to social media, we’re equally fascinated by the idea of the role it plays in leadership. To that end, Soundview has a brand-new summary that will give leaders a great perspective on how to effectively connect using social media. Make sure you pick up a digital copy of Soundview’s summary of  Charlene Li’s Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead. It’s available now at!


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