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I’m writing this post to you from my home office rather than my humble little desk at Soundview’s new headquarters in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. Soundview completed a successful move early last week and thankfully, the last box was unpacked the day before a massive series of rain storms unleashed their fury on the Delaware Valley. I made repeated attempts to fight my way into the office on Friday morning, but the banks of the Brandywine River could no longer contain its torrent. While many homes and businesses in our area suffered due to the extensive flooding, Soundview survived with nary a drip nor a drop. If this were a podcast, you’d hear the distinct sound of my knuckles knocking on the nearest piece of wood.

All the coverage of the flooding in the Philadelphia area led me to think about disaster preparedness. It’s an essential part of any company’s business plan, particularly if the business resides in an area known for one type of danger or another (Earthquakes in fault-line areas, hurricanes in coastal regions, etc). What may surprise you is the limited number of books we receive about the subject. Keep in mind, Soundview receives thousands of titles from publishers during the course of a year. It’s why we work so hard to winnow this field down to only the 30 best business books (plus six bonus titles). Even with our monthly installment of book reviews, we can’t possibly cover everything.

Yet, we receive very few books about emergency planning. I’d actually like to take this opportunity to put an open call out to our friends, old and new, in the publishing arena. If your company has a great business book about disaster preparedness or emergency action plans, send me a message to this blog or contact us and let me know about it. I’d be more than happy to give it a look and, if it passes our stringent guidelines, share it with our subscribers.

In the meantime, pass me a paddle. I’ve got a meeting and I refuse to be late!


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