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Want to Be An Open Leader? Better Act Now!

Our upcoming Soundview Live Webinar with Charlene Li is almost here! Be ready to tune in online on  Tuesday, October 12 at 1:30 p.m. (Eastern). It seems like only yesterday some of Soundview’s editorial team were chatting with Charlene at Book Expo America about the release of Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead. As we walked away clutching our autographed copies, we discussed what separated Charlene’s book from the rest of the tidal wave of social technology books we received at the time.

One distinction is Charlene’s ability to deliver supporting evidence in a conversational, easy-to-learn style. I think you’ll find her to be one of the most personable presenters we’ve ever featured on Soundview Live. During a recent interview with Soundview, Charlene was asked about conversing, one of the 10 elements of openness she presents in Open Leadership. She argues that if the public is using social technology to voice their displeasure with your company, you should meet them in the same space and demonstrate to that customer (and anyone else who sees it) that your company is committed to fixing the problem. Here’s what Charlene had to say about how Comcast demonstrated this element:

One person in particular, Frank Eliason said, “Y’know, there’s already a lot of people who are complaining about Comcast, so we can actually be proactive in finding people who are having problems and just asking them a simple question: Can I help? Can I help you with the problem? It seems like you’re having a problem. Is there anything I can do?” The logic is that it’s [Comcast’s] service that’s making the customer unhappy, so they should take responsibility and do something about. That is a tremendous turn in mindset from, “We’re going to wait until customers are so annoyed that they call us,” versus saying that we already know they’re upset. We can see it. We can read about it. We can feel it. So, let’s go and address those issues while we can.

I can guarantee that Charlene will have additional insights that you won’t want to miss during her appearance on Soundview Live. Don’t forget, if you are a Soundview subscriber, you get to attend this event for FREE! Sign up now before  it’s too late!


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