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New Ideas to Get Your Business Seeing 2020

While combing through my e-mails the other day, I saw one from an old colleague of mine. She is a long-time Soundview subscriber. During the normal course of our e-mail conversation, amid the family updates and notes on books we’ve recently read, she usually mentions something about our latest set of summaries. This time around, she made a comment that caused me to smile. She wrote, “Just finished The 2020 Workplace. Great summary! They definitely made me look around my office and try to picture that next crop of workers filling some of our empty cubicles. Also wondered about the title. Do you think they went with 2020 as a way to make people think of 20/20 vision?”

I laughed when I read this line because it was a topic of conversation when Soundview’s editorial department was first considering The 2020 Workplace for summary. Have you ever had an experience where you’re looking at a painting with someone and you notice something the artist has possibly hidden in the piece? You wonder whether the other person can see it, and it’s usually quite funny when you have to practically point it out. That’s how I felt about the title The 2020 Workplace, and it’s been fun to see how many people pick up on this thought after seeing the title for the first time.

Soundview had the opportunity to interview Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd, the authors of The 2020 Workplace, and while secret meanings behind the book’s title did not come up in our conversation, many other insights were shared. In fact, they tell a story about an organization that defies all preconceived notions about the security risks of social technology. Who is it? You’ll have to check out Meister and Willyerd’s appearance on  Soundview’s Author Insight Series. This interview is available exclusively to Soundview subscribers, but it’s never been easier to join the ranks of Soundview’s network of thought-leaders.

I think it’s safe to say that connections between this title and 20/20 vision are pure coincidence. However, there’s little doubt that reading this summary will help make your vision of the future of the workplace a little more clear.


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Great.I love this article its gives good ideas as how to give business more value through skils and strategies.I will definitely try put them in practice and report back here after 60 days.I hope you will not have closed the comments on this article.Good work.

Comment by Lisa miller

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