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Combine a NEW Summary with Free Sales Resources

If you listened to the recent installment of Soundview’s Author Insight Series featuring author Jill Konrath, you may have heard her discuss some free resources that accompany her book SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers. For those who may not be familiar with it, Soundview’s Author Insight Series is an mp3 available to Soundview subscribers that features a 10 to 15 minute interview with the author of each of our 30 Best Business Books. The reason these interviews are a monthly must-listen is the exclusive content the authors’ reveal in a casual conversation.

Konrath discussed the power of trigger events to help boost sales, as well as how to make your sales approach more simple. At the conclusion of the interview, she mentioned some additional free resources that readers can access. Although Soundview’s Author Insight Series is available only to Soundview subscribers, I wanted to make sure that Konrath’s free resources were provided for everyone. If you visit this link, you can access Konrath’s Buyer’s Matrix (discussed in SNAP Selling), as well as her Value Proposition Generator and her guide Nine Tips to Get Prospects to Call You Back.

If you’re a salesperson and are finding it more difficult to connect with prospects who claim they are just too busy, you should definitely take the time to read Soundview’s summary of SNAP Selling. Visit Soundview at to learn how you can get your copy of this book summary!


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