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The Good, the Bad and the Boss

Times certainly have changed. I spent the better part of last night asking every trick or treater who came to the door if he or she had a peanut allergy before dispensing with goodness clothed in a Reese’s wrapper. The costume that the average kid wears could have come from a pocket-sized Hollywood film set. It was light years beyond the costumes of my youth that consisted of  hastily sewn bits of fabric coupled with props from the Five and Ten. I still saw parents standing at the end of my driveway but instead of conversing with each other, they were immersed in their own cellphones. I suppose they preferred to speak to a faceless individual miles away rather than the living, breathing soul that shared the sidewalk.

Despite all the changes in our holiday habits, the workplace continues to have certain elements that don’t bear the mark of time. One of those is the relationship between a manager and his or her employees. Not surprisingly, if one were to poll a particular manager’s workforce, one would likely find both praise and scorn for the manager’s performance of his or her job. Suffice to say there are good bosses and bad bosses.

One author who has devoted a substantial amount of time to studying this subject is Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D. He took the business world by surprise with his book The No Asshole Rule, a volume that pulled no punches about the need for a better workplace. The reaction to that book led to his latest release Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best and Learn from the Worst.

Now, Soundview is pleased to offer you the unique opportunity to get special insights direct from Sutton. He will be the special guest on the next installment of Soundview Live, the exclusive Webinar series produced by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. The event takes place at Noon (Eastern) on Tuesday, November 16, 2010. This is your chance to get answers to your questions about how to handle a bad boss and how to become a better one yourself.

Visit to find out how to sign up and remember, if you’re a Soundview subscriber, attendance is FREE!


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