Soundview Executive Book Summaries

A Reading List for Capitol Hill

So, was it worth it? Did you stand in a long line or stroll right up to the voting booth? Did you fill out a ballot or press a few buttons and pull a lever? I had the bizarre experience of filling out a ballot, placing it in a folder, and handing the folder to an election official. He then removed the ballot (still warm from my hands) and handed it back to me to put into an electronic scanner. I understand that nefarious elements have been rigging elections since the first man cast his first ballot, but couldn’t I have just skipped the folder and slid the ballot into the scanner myself? What was your Election Day experience like?

However you cast your ballot and regardless of the people for whom it was cast, newly elected officials will fill the halls of Congress, as well as governors’ residences and state legislatures across the U.S. With that in mind, I thought I’d make a few suggestions and pass out some homework assignments before any new Representative, Senator or Governor takes his or her seat.

The hot button issue that caused so many people to turn out and vote is the economy. Soundview has spent the past few years answering the call from businesses in search of the essential knowledge needed to ensure survival. Lawmakers would do well to brush up on the titles contained in both volumes of Soundview’s Business Survival Skills collection. Visit this link to see the six summaries that comprise Volume I and Volume II of this collection.

Just as in the 2008 election season, this year’s campaigns rode a current bearing the word “Change.” With the type of change produced at the polls, Congress is going to need some guidance. Soundview has featured a mass of titles that deal with the subject of change and you can find them by visiting this link.

Some might say that the most important title that pertains to the results of Election Day is the summary that recently debuted on Turnaround Leadership by Shaun O’Callaghan. Regardless of one’s personal political affiliation, there’s little doubt that Congress has its work cut out for it as the U.S. continues its pursuit of economic recovery. You can learn more about this great new summary by visiting Soundview at Find out how you can become a subscriber by visiting this link.


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