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The Best Boss … Could Be You!

As we countdown the hours until our big Soundview Live event with Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D. I’ve been thinking about his presentation topic.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting at my desk during my “rookie” season with a local publisher. It was my first job out of college, and like any 22-year-old, I was suddenly immersed in a world of “real” adults. These were the kind of people who had mortgages and retirement funds and arrived late and left early to make sure daycare was covered. Our editorial department formed one half of a set of cubicles. The other half belonged to the residents of the art department. We called our space everything from “The Bullpen” to “The Island of Misfit Toys.”

I had been with the publisher for about two months and was really enjoying learning my trade from my boss. She was a veteran editor who could slash at a document until it bled red ink. Sometimes I felt like she wasn’t giving my copy a fair chance, but in the end, I learned that her observations about reaching an audience and doing “more with less” were 100 percent true.

I was talking with some of my colleagues in the art department one day about our mutual supervisor. Everyone seemed to have a high opinion of her, and I absent-mindedly voiced this fact. One graphic designer overheard my musing. She laughed and said, “Yeah, she’s a big step up from my last boss. But hey, everyone’s had to work for an ogre at one point in their career.”

That statement struck me because despite this being my first “real” job, I had, in fact, already worked for a bad boss. Granted, it was during my college years while I worked answering phones for a customer service department, but I knew what it was like to have a boss that made me feel invalidated.

Tomorrow, during our Soundview Live event, we’ll be joined by Sutton, the author of Good Boss, Bad Boss. In his presentation, he will demonstrate the keys that make great bosses so memorable … and bad bosses unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. If you missed the sign-up, don’t worry! Soundview will make the archived event available in the near future. In fact, you can browse all of Soundview’s previous Webinars now in our archive. If you’re joining us to hear Dr. Sutton, be sure to have your questions ready. It’s going to be a great event!

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