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An Overwhelming Reaction to Soundview Live

WOW! Our subscribers certainly know how to make themselves heard. I cannot thank you enough for your overwhelming response to yesterday’s Soundview Live event with Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D. If you missed it, don’t worry! You’ll get the chance to hear it again as soon as the event debuts in our Soundview Live Webinar Archive.

The sheer number of questions and comments generated during the course of our live webinar with Sutton revealed a few points of interest that I thought I’d discuss below. It was a day when standard operating procedures flew out the window.

It was obvious from the outset that this was a Soundview Live event for which the audience was well prepared. I think the moderator had barely begun his introduction when seven questions appeared on the screen for Sutton. This question queue grew tenfold over the next 60 minutes. In fact, we were inundated with so many questions for Sutton that we extended the event beyond 60 minutes for only the second or third time in the history of Soundview Live.

The question queue also produced a second, unforseen shift in practice. Since Sutton’s presentation dealt with his book Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best and Learn from the Worst, many of questions dealt with listeners’ personal experiences. They fell into two distinct categories: how to be a better boss or how to deal with a bad boss. Some of the questions concerning the latter ran as much as a paragraph in length and were full of details that Soundview simply couldn’t permit on the webinar’s airwaves. As a result, our moderator made the decision to (for the first time) forego our usual practice of stating the listener’s name and location before asking the question. Sutton did a GREAT job answering folks who are struggling with either their own performance or the ramifications of what he refers to as the “toxic tandem.”

Finally, I was stunned to see a small portion of the audience be very critical of Sutton’s scattered use of profanity. My feelings about this are mixed. On one hand, based on the attendee list, it was obvious that a few organizations were likely to take offense at hearing Sutton use the occasional profane word. However, I counter that by asking what people’s expectations were if they knew upon signing up that they were attending a Webinar featuring the author of The No Asshole Rule. I suppose in a nation where both sensitivity and litigiousness are at an all-time high, the only comment I can safely make is to say that the opinions of any guest of Soundview Live are his or her own and do not represent the opinions or policies of Soundview Executive Book Summaries or its parent company, Concentrated Knowledge Corporation.

What did you think of Sutton’s presentation? Send me a comment at this blog or send us a Tweet @businessbooks.


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