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Book Review: It’s Your Ship

Now available from Soundview Executive Book Summaries is the summary of Captain D. Michael Abrashoff’s book It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy. A quick visit to is all it takes to help you learn expert leadership techniques from one of the best minds in the modern military. Abrashoff isn’t making false claims when he compares the similarities between running a successful business and captaining a powerful vessel. Each requires the complete buy-in of its crew and a leader who has the ability to motivate and inspire quick, well-thought decisions.

One aspect of It’s Your Ship that will surprise readers is Abrashoff’s understanding of the need for self-motivation on the part of crew members. This is counter to the average person’s impression of military life as one of top-down direction where orders are given and obeyed. While the uniformity of a well-run ship is something that exists in Abrashoff’s book, readers learn that it is achieved through building self-sufficiency in individuals. Abrashoff was also fairly open to suggestion when it came to key morale building aspects of running his ship. In some of the more revealing sections of  It’s Your Ship, Abrashoff details stories of taking suggestions from crew members about ways to improve the conditions under which the sailors worked and lived. These are the moments that make Abrashoff’s book easy to relate to for any executive.

The focus on building trust, looking for efficient solutions and balancing work and leisure are subjects that appear in many of the best leadership titles. Abrashoff describes these situations in such plain terms that readers are likely to forget that his advice comes from sitting at the helm of one of the most powerful warships in the American fleet. With many of the decisions that Abrashoff and his crew faced lives were on the line and the geopolitical balance of the world hinged on executing their orders. While the workings of one’s company may not appear as serious, Abrashoff’s advice is vital nonetheless.

You can pick up your copy of the summary of It’s Your Ship by visiting Soundview online at You can also access FREE book reviews of thousands of business books.


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