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From time to time I read an article that makes me marvel at the accomplishments of people working in the innovation field. Apparently, I’m not alone, since innovation is one of the most requested topics among subscribers to Soundview Executive Book Summaries. A visit to reveals that Soundview has a variety of book summaries and book reviews (FREE book reviews, I might add) that examine the intricacies of the process of innovation.

Take a look at this news release from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) Global Seed Funds. The fund awarded seed money to a series of ecology and bioengineering projects between MIT and China. The six projects that received the funding include efforts to map the antigenic evolution of influenza viruses, working with a solar thermo-electric generator for micro-power, among others.

Innovation is about more than the hard sciences, of course. It’s also big business, and more and more companies are attempting to gain a better understanding of innovation. In line with this goal, Soundview is offering a FREE innovation resource for anyone interested in learning more about innovation from some of the global leaders in the subject.

Soundview has teamed with HSM to offer FREE audio summaries of the speeches of 11 thought leaders at the World Innovation Forum. The speakers include:

  • Seth Godin (Author, blogger and marketing expert)
  • Michael Porter (Harvard Business School Professor, head of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness)
  • Ursula Burns (CEO, Xerox)
  • Chip Heath (Author, Stanford University professor)
  • Joel Makower (Executive editor,
  • Wendy Kopp (Teach for America)
  • Biz Stone (Co-founder, Twitter)
  • Jeff Kindler (Chairman, CEO Pfizer)
  • Michael C. Howe (Chief Executive Officer, MinuteClinic)
  • Brian Shawn Cohen (Founder, Technology Solutions, Inc)
  • Jeffrey Hollender (Executive Chairperson and co-founder, Seventh Generation)

Visit this link to download your FREE audio coverage of these must-listen speeches.


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