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Great Advice for Charitable Giving

As I drove in to the offices of Soundview Executive Book Summaries this morning, I stopped for coffee. My mind was a bit preoccupied with trying to think of some promotional copy for an e-mail relating to one of our new trio of book summaries. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I nearly missed the voice of an older gentleman in the store’s entrance. He was collecting donations for a local organization that helps returning American soldiers. I’m glad I heard him, because I try not to miss an opportunity to donate to this particular cause. The holidays are known as a season for giving. Whether it’s canned food drives, donations for current soldiers or war veterans, or the famous red buckets of the Salvation Army, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to the worthy charity of your choice.

It reminded me of a piece I read the other day in The Wall Street Journal that I wanted to share with everyone. Corporations and their employees often use the holiday season as a time for charitable giving. However, it’s a sad reality that there are individuals who attempt to capitalize on the philanthropy of others. Here is some excellent advice on the major mistakes to avoid when making charitable donations.

As for those on the receiving end of donations, Soundview recently reviewed a book that offers advice to nonprofit organizations on ways to increase their success. The book, More Than Just Money: Practical and Provocative Steps to Nonprofit Success by Allen J. Proctor, is reviewed in the latest edition of Soundview’s FREE e-newsletter Soundview Executive Book Alert. Proctor’s advice forces leaders in the nonprofit sector to address the common problem of handling operating cash.

To learn more about More Than Just Money, sign-up for the FREE e-newsletter Soundview Executive Book Alert.

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