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Got an iPad? Don’t Miss the Smart Summary.

OK, raise your hand if you received an iPad as a gift during the holiday season? Raising your hand will, of course, require you to remove one of your two paws from the iPad’s surface to do so. While the Web wizards here at Soundview Executive Book Summaries are busy tallying the results, I thought I’d take a moment to tell all of you newly minted members of the iPad Nation about Soundview’s latest format … one that happens to be a divine fit for your dreamy new device.

Soundview’s Smart Summary format offers a multimedia look at each of the best business books summarized by Soundview. Designed specifically for the tablet user, the Smart Summary format combines the readability of a newspaper’s front page with the audio and video features of your favorite business news Web sites. In addition, every Smart Summary features a video introduction providing an overview of the book and its takeaways. The elegant design and content-rich nature of the Smart Summary make it a must-read for anyone looking to increase his or her business intellect.

To see a preview image of a Smart Summary, visit Soundview’s home on the Web: If you’re already a Soundview subscriber, log in to your online library and click the icon “SMART” from the list of available formats to see the Smart Summary for a particular title.

And for those of you who received an iPad, you are apparently one of millions to find it under the tree. According to sources, we’ll know just how many new iPads were snapped up when Apple releases its 2010 sales figures for the device sometime in January. The praise for Apple’s tablet continues to rage into the new year. Here’s one of the hundreds of tech writers to name it “Product of the Year.”

Why not combine the “Product of the Year” with the first business book summary format designed specifically to go along with it?


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I’m about to renew my subscription, but wanted to feedback on the epub format versions you currently produce. Of the ones i have, none are with appropriate TOC information. For example as each chapter is summaries, it would be good to be able to click on the Table of Content link within iBooks and see quick links to the chapter view, instead of scrolling though the pages. It just seems to me, that you’ve gone to the effort of only producing half of the epub format file!

Comment by James Palmer

Hi James, thank you for your continued support of Soundview. To answer your question, at the present time, we are unable to use the “jump to” links in our ePub format because there are other e-readers that don’t support this type of linking. One of the challenges of providing an executive book summary product is attempting to comply with each and every new piece of technology that explodes onto the market. Still, we have made great strides in adapting Soundview Executive Book Summaries for a variety of devices (most recently the iPad). We appreciate your feedback and, as is often the case, if a large portion of our audience echoes your comments, we will review our existing epub format.

Comment by Soundview

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