Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Do We Need a New Google?

I ask the question that serves as the title for this Soundview Executive Book Summaries blog post due to an article I stumbled across. Writing on, Vivek Wadhwa asks Do We Need a New Google? The question he poses to readers is an interesting one. Let’s consider his point for a moment. When you perform a run-of-the-mill search on Google, what tends to come back? Wadhwa offers the take that most of what comes back is spam and content created by firms that manipulate Google’s page-ranking system. It’s an interesting thought and Wadhwa offers a solution for an alternative search tool that’s attempting some innovative ideas. I can’t endorse it but you can learn more by reading Wadhwa’s original piece.

Any company of Google’s magnitude is bound to draw criticism from time to time. However as far as those of us in the business book arena are concerned, Google remains the subject of much praise. While I don’t have the time to list every book Soundview has summarized that uses Google as one of its case studies (and believe me, there are hundreds), I thought I’d provide links to two books covered by Soundview.

The first is The Search by journalist and co-founder of WIRED magazine John Battelle. This summary offers one of the most detailed histories of Google and why the company triumphed in the search engine battle. The second title is Jeff Jarvis’ What Would Google Do? In this Soundview Featured Book Review, readers can learn about the “40 rules to live by” Jarvis created after researching what led to Google’s rocket ride to success.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, Google doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, I found Wadhwa’s article on (you guessed it) … Google News.


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