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Book Review: Now, Build a Great Business!

During a Soundview Live event featuring global leadership consultant Brian Tracy, the best-selling author of How the Best Leaders Lead referred to himself as a synthesizer of information. This information is culled from Tracy’s intense regimen of scholarship. In a Soundview Author Insight Series interview, Tracy revealed that he has devoted a minimum of three hours to reading every evening for the past 40 years. Readers might assume that Tracy’s newest release (co-authored with Mark Thompson) Now, Build a Great Business would be the first in a multi-volume treatise on the lessons from Tracy’s studies.

In one respect, the book accomplishes the task of delivering the finer points of presenting a culmination of Tracy’s and Thompson’s research and experience. However, it does so by stripping business down to its simplest truths. These are the principles that are frequently forgotten or buried beneath rhetoric and trends. The authors pinpoint time and again that despite piles of books devoted to re-imagining the path to success, businesses that do succeed continue to model basic ideas.

Tracy himself described the book in this manner: “We needed a prescriptive book, a book that says, ‘Here are the specific steps you take to build a great business.’ These are the specific steps that every single person who’s ever built a great business has done. We’ve taken my work with 1,000 companies in 55 countries and put it into practical steps that a person can follow.”

Executives who have tried a variety of solutions to improve their business and have met with more disappointment than success will want to give Tracy and Thompson’s book a careful read.

You can get your copy of the Soundview Executive Book Summary of Now, Build a Great Business by clicking here. For more great business book summaries, visit Soundview’s home on the Web:


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