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Soundview Reader Feedback: What’s a Bonus?

Any businessperson who has his or her own Web site probably fields a number of interesting questions from people who take the time to e-mail them. At Soundview Executive Book Summaries, we get asked a variety of questions about business books, business book authors and, of course, technical questions about viewing our content on various digital devices.

The other day I was forwarded a question from someone who wrote in to The person simply wrote, “Why does the picture of Exploiting Chaos on your site say bonus across it? Why is it a bonus?”

Part of me wanted to reply, “It’s a bonus because Exploiting Chaos (by author and founder of Jeremy Gutsche) is just that good!” However, I took the time to answer the reader’s question. In case the rest of you were wondering why there are some summaries on tagged with “Bonus,” here’s the answer:

If you subscribe to Soundview Executive Book Summaries, you automatically receive summaries of the 30 best business books of the year. Of course, 30 books divided by 12 months leaves us with something less than a whole number. While Soundview is firm in its commitment to bringing subscribers the 30 best business books, we also feature six additional summaries throughout the year. These “Bonus” summaries are titles that may have been released prior to the current year and (for a multitude of reasons) were previously not summarized. Sometimes you folks out there can be quite vocal about books you’d like to see summarized. In other cases, our editorial team learns through conversations with authors, publishers and business executives about a book that is making waves in every place but the best-seller list. Sometimes these “hidden gems” prove to be among our most frequently downloaded titles.

To learn more about Soundview’s latest “Bonus” summary Exploiting Chaos, visit Soundview online at


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