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Book Review: Exploiting Chaos

In the latest book to be summarized by Soundview Executive Book Summaries, author and Web entrepreneur Jeremy Gutsche supports the theory that the instability of today’s economy is the perfect place for the next great business to find its footing. At the outset of Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change, Gutsche lists several companies that began life during periods of economic recession. The Soundview summary of Exploiting Chaos highlights one of the more interesting cases. It seems impossible to believe but the early period of the Great Depression was the genesis point for FORTUNE magazine. While other authors would take the FORTUNE story and use it as the basis for simple cheerleading, Gutsche distinguishes himself by examining what made FORTUNE a success.

Gutsche’s dynamic writing will keep executives returning to Exploiting Chaos for a blend of motivation and insight. Each premise introduced by Gutsche is backed with a memorable anecdote or case study. Executives will find applicable principles in Exploiting Chaos regardless of a company’s size or current standing in the marketplace. Gutsche believes in the power of innovation, whether as a rejuvenation method for aging corporate giants or as a means to make a breakthrough for fledgling companies.

There is considerable page space devoted to being obsessed with one’s customers. This, above all else, may be the greatest contribution Gutsche makes to the career of anyone who reads his book. He helps readers find their audience but, more importantly, he refuses to let a company treat this group with anything less than utter devotion. Exploiting Chaos is a powder keg of ideas in the dark basement of today’s economy. Picking it up is the same as striking a match: an explosion is sure to result.

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