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Out of Chaos Comes …

You may have previously heard the phrase, “Out of chaos comes order.” It’s an expression that’s often attributed to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. While working on a Soundview business book review, I did a cursory search for the source of this quote. The closest phrase attributed to Nietzsche reads, “One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” While both phrases could spur hours of debate, let’s focus on the first for the time being.

All this discussion of chaos makes the mind immediately flash to the current situation in Egypt and its ramifications for the global economy. It’s interesting to note that business authors have spent the post-2008 financial crisis period cautioning readers to prepare for a seemingly unending era of turbulence in the world’s markets. In fact, Soundview subscribers learned about one pair of authors went so far as to suggest that chaos is the new order and businesses need to adapt accordingly.

Philip Kotler and John Caslione term our current period of time the New Age of Turbulence in their book Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence. What separates this Soundview Executive Book Summary from other business titles relating to crisis management is that Kotler and Caslione argue against operating under crisis parameters. Standard operating procedure should now account for radical and sudden shifts in markets, technology and government in regions around the globe. As media outlets and political pundits speculate about the economic impact of the situation in Egypt, particularly as it relates to the price of oil, the lessons in Chaotics should cause companies to already be working on solutions in the event that major problems arise.

To help you get prepared for doing business in the era without predictability, check out Soundview’s summary of Chaotics. For more information, visit Soundview online at


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