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AOL’s New Purchase and MacroWikinomics

For those who thought the biggest media story of the day would be the dissection of the various commercials from last night’s Big Game, the executives at AOL turned the tables. The old-guard online giant announced its intention to add one of the most dominant Web 2.0 entities to its roster with a $315 million purchase of The Huffington Post.

The purchase comes with a considerable promotion for the Web site’s founder, political pundit Arianna Huffington. She will be named president and editor-in-chief of a combined media group that will control content for both organizations. As this story from indicates, the dominance of The Huffington Post in the online media landscape is reflected in its claim of $50 million in potential ad revenue in 2011.

The Huffington Post has become a considerable presence in the world of new media. This has not gone unnoticed by business book authors. The company was profiled in MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. This book was recently summarized by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. The authors discuss the downfall of the newspaper business and the rise of the next wave of news outlets, highlighted by The Huffington Post. The era of “professional bloggers” is profiled with the authors citing a study that more than 28 percent of bloggers earn income from their blog. Huffington’s company certainly can be counted in this group. Long-time Huffington Post readers may fear a softening of the site’s editorial bite once it comes under the wings of AOL. However, with Huffington retaining her position as director of content, their fears should be slight assuaged.

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