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Book Review: How Companies Win

There were numerous companies that failed to anticipate the era-defining impact of the Internet on business. Some of these same organizations were among the group that were unprepared when Web 2.0 and social technology roared into the public consciousness. Each time a major shift occurs in business, there are organizations that wish they could wind back the clock and heed the signs of change to come. In the newly released Soundview Executive Book Summary of How Companies Win: Profiting from Demand-Driven Business Models No Matter What Business You’re In executives have the opportunity to see the future before the wave crashes on the shore.

Authors Rick Kash and David Calhoun provide readers with exclusive insight into the shift from supply-driven business models to demand-driven models. Today’s companies operate in an environment in which an overabundance of product intersects a decidedly more distracted customer who has an entire globe of competitors from which to choose. It’s a daunting situation even for companies that have held the dominant position in their respective fields for decades. As Kash and Calhoun point out, we need only reflect on the 2008 global financial crisis to see the fragility of the ground on which so many companies are built.

The solution to continued success, the authors suggest, rests in a corporation’s ability to find what they refer to as “deep profit pools.” One of the most critical observations executives should take away from How Companies Win is that attempting to be all things to all customers is now the fastest recipe for disaster. Instead, the authors help companies pare down their audience into only the one or two segments where allegiance and profits run deep. The book is loaded with case studies including an inside look at two of America’s most iconic brands: McDonald’s and Hershey.

To start your business on its path to plumbing its deep profit pools, pick up a copy of the Soundview summary of How Companies Win. You can find it and other great book summaries at

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