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New Summary and Apple’s Big Announcement

Whoever originally said “Christmas comes but once a year” obviously wasn’t an owner of Apple products. For the company’s legions of fans there are guaranteed to be at least two or three times each year when all eyes focus on the next product launch from the technology giant. Today’s expected announcement of a new version of the blockbuster iPad tablet device will no doubt send shockwaves through every facet of business. The moments that follow any Apple announcement are always interesting to watch. In many respects, they are a snapshot of the state of the business environment at that moment.

In fact, a book recently summarized by Soundview Executive Book Summaries devotes a considerable amount of page space to the power of an Apple launch, particularly when it’s led by CEO Steve Jobs. In Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, author Nancy Duarte discusses the power of Jobs’ presentations and the secrets that you can learn from him. Duarte pays particular attention to Jobs’ launch of the MacBook Air. During his presentation for the laptop, Jobs built up the audience’s anticipation by describing certain aspects of the product. One of Duarte’s major points is that a great presentation should always contain a “STAR” moment (Something They’ll Always Remember). Jobs’ STAR moment came when he picked up an ordinary inter-office envelope, carefully opened it and withdrew the elegant, thin MacBook Air. The audience was stunned and Jobs had wowed the technology world yet again.

To learn more about delivering your own STAR moments in your presentations, get your copy of Soundview’s summary of Resonate. For more great business book summaries about presentations, visit Soundview online at


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