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Book Review: Resonate

When it comes to giving a presentation, most speakers are headed in the wrong direction. According to author and CEO of Duarte Design, Inc. Nancy Duarte, too many speakers put the focus of their presentations on themselves rather than on the audience. In her book Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, now available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary, Duarte reminds readers that the best presentations are stories where the audience stars as the hero.

Resonate provides one of the best methods ever to appear in a business book for creating a memorable presentation. It is the result of two years of intense research and work by Duarte. The core of the book’s philosophy, that presentations are stories that should take an audience to a destination, required Duarte to do extensive research into mythology, philosophy and psychology. Duarte wanted the book to be representative of a great presentation. This resulted in a book that is structured with great precision and reads with perfect pacing.

Duarte methodically rolls out the secrets to apply elements of storytelling, cinema and mythology to presentations. The purpose of each segment of Resonate leads to the ultimate goal of helping presenters establish a deeper connection with the audience.

If you visit Soundview online at, you’ll see two unique opportunities to learn more from Nancy Duarte. First, you can pick up a copy of the summary of Resonate that’s now available.

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Thank you for this kind review! I appreciate the compliments.

Comment by Nancy Duarte

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