Soundview Executive Book Summaries

A Summary for the Era of Real-Time

As governments and economic experts sit with rapt attention watching every detail of the various struggles in the Middle East, many media outlets are rely on the constant stream of real-time updates from social technology. I was looking over a potential  Soundview Executive Book Summary the other day and thinking about how  fascinating it’s been to watch the evolution of the coverage of armed struggle. From an American perspective, in less than a century, conflict coverage went from the exclusive domain of newspapers during World War I to radio and cinema newsreels during World War II. The Vietnam War is considered the first conflict that entered American homes each night via television. In each of these examples, the amount of time between action and transmission decreased. We are now at the point where someone’s handheld device can both record and upload video the moment something occurs.

Business has also been impacted by the rapid shift to real-time interaction. In Real-Time Marketing & PR: How to Instantly Engage Your Market, Connect with Customers and Create Products That Grow Your Business Now by David Meerman Scott, executives have the opportunity to see the scope and power of instant engagement. I think we’re all aware of people in every organization who tend to scoff at the business applications of real-time technology. One of the best aspects of Scott’s book is that it presents some of the more convincing evidence that growth can be directly linked to the frequent, instant engagement of one’s customers. I think this is definitely a summary that you’ll want to pass along to any naysayers that you might encounter in your workplace.

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