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Sales Struggling? Soundview Can Help

Each day brings new reports of the devastating impact of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As I arrived at Soundview’s offices this morning, I heard a report about one consumer aspect that tells us just how intense the circumstances are in Japan. Auto sales for the month of March in Japan are down 37 percent. This is due in large part to the sudden closure of many of Japan’s auto manufacturing plants. The supply chain has been compromised to a large degree, as the shutdown of a single parts-producer can impact multiple manufacturers.

It’s been a difficult time in the auto sales business in many parts of the world. If falling sales numbers have you concerned, you might want to check out the latest edition of CKC’s Executive Edge, the online publication produced by Soundview’s parent company Concentrated Knowledge Corporation. The latest issue is entitled “How to Sharpen Your Sales Approach.” If you’ve never read an issue of Executive Edge, one of the features that separates it from other skill-building publications is its devotion to a single skill in each issue. This gives you a variety of information on one topic from which you can build your own personal strategy.

In the new issue of Executive Edge, you’ll learn the secrets of buyer motivation, the latest sales strategies from top sales authors, and what’s being taught in some of the top-rates sales classrooms around the globe. Your next sale could hinge on a skill that you discover in this issue, so don’t miss out. If you’d like to find out how you can subscribe to Executive Edge, just click this link.

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