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A Summary Before Midnight

The ramifications of the potential federal government shutdown are causing shockwaves across the United States. As the Congressional stare-down reaches its climax, the accusations are arriving at a rate that only Twitter can keep pace. This article offers an interesting look at the state of negotiations (and fingerpointing) that’s currently taking place on Capitol Hill. While scenarios as varied as soldiers going without pay and canceled tours of the Statue of Liberty are being promoted by various media outlets, I thought I’d take a different approach.

One of the better books on conflict resolution that we’ve featured at Soundview Executive Book Summaries is Mark Goulston’s Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone. If you’ve never had the opportunity to check it out, it might make for some interesting reading while (if the reports are accurate), you wait for your tax refund to arrive.

Goulston is a psychiatrist and business coach with decades of experience in the art of breakthrough communication. One of the key lessons he reveals in Just Listen is the best method to get through to an angry person and move him or her from an irrational state to one of tolerance. When you read or watch any of the current coverage of what’s happening in Washington, it sounds like just the summary for the situation.

Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone is available in eight digital formats. For more great book summaries, visit Soundview online at


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