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Conquer Your Fear of the Informal

According to best-selling authors Jon R. Katzenbach and Zia Khan, organizations that are ahead of the curve experience success because they’ve mastered a very difficult art: balancing the formal with the informal. As they write in their book Leading Outside the Lines: How to Mobilize the (in)Formal Organization, Energize Your Team and Get Better Results the most successful companies, “retain the efficiency and clarity of the well-defined structures that define the formal organization while also capitalizing on the flexibility and speed of the social networks and peer interactions that connect people informally.”

It’s a daunting prospect for many organizations and one that the authors will discuss in detail with you tomorrow during their exclusive Soundview Live Webinar How to Tap the Power of the Informal. Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday, April 12, 2011) at Noon (Eastern) to learn the secrets that allow the best companies to integrate the formal and informal aspects of an organization.

One of the key takeaways I hope that you’ll gain from tomorrow’s presentation is that as a company grows, its balance between the formal and informal will change. There is a fear among executives that embracing the informal means an environment in which people spend more time on Facebook than they do on job responsibilities. The authors will demonstrate why this simply isn’t the case. What’s more interesting is the fact that the informal plays a key role in the development of a small business. As the business grows, its adoption of formal structure will be viewed through the lens of the informal. It’s a fascinating process and tomorrow’s Soundview Live will help your organization at any stage of its development.

Don’t miss Soundview Live with Jon Katzenbach and Zia Khan tomorrow at Noon (Eastern). And don’t forget to pick up your copy of the summary of Leading Outside the Lines by clicking this link or visiting Soundview online at!


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