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When Faced with a Tough Call, Search This Summary

As people prepare for a weekend away from the office (“away,” of course, being a relative term in the age of technology), there’s little doubt that they may find a bit of pain when they pull up to the pump. Gas prices continue to rise across the United States and it’s leading many to speculate that this is, at long last, the moment when the United States will join the rest of the world and pay a higher price for a gallon of fuel. While Americans struggle with that reality, President Barack Obama is attempting to ensure that no one is profiting from the sudden surge in fuel prices. Obama tasked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder with pulling together a team to investigate whether there is any fraud or market manipulation that is contributing to the rise in U.S. gas prices. Obama made a tough decision by opting to target traders and speculators who might gain from such market manipulation.

Tough calls are the subject of one of the newest books to be summarized by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. In Tough Calls from the Corner Office: Top Business Leaders Reveal Their Career Defining Moments, former CEO Harlan Steinbaum examines the critical thinking and decision-making processes of notable leaders. Steinbaum’s book offers insights from leaders in a variety of industries, even the U.S. military and federal government. Perhaps for his next book, Steinbaum should consider a sequel entitled Tough Calls from the Oval Office. If it were as good as his current book, every executive would have to pick it up.

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