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Sneak Peek at Potential Soundview Summary

The Associated Press published a story today that international telecommunications equipment manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent SA posted a lower loss in the first quarter. The reason this story is of interest to Soundview Executive Book Summaries‘ subscribers is that it ties in to a potential upcoming summary. While we can’t officially announce it yet, I can tell you that we’re hard at work in an attempt to produce a summary of Robert J. Herbold’s What’s Holding You Back: 10 Bold Steps that Define Gutsy Leaders. Aside from his own highly successful international consulting company, Herbold served time as a top executive with two of the globe’s most profitable companies. He was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, and he also served at the executive level with Procter & Gamble. Herbold’s astounding resume aside, the content of What’s Holding You Back contains some of the best advice for leaders that I’ve read in recent years.

So, how does Alcatel-Lucent fit into the equation? During our build-up to producing the summary, I had the opportunity to speak with Herbold yesterday. It was an enlightening conversation that subscribers will have the opportunity to hear in the form of a Soundview Author Insight Series interview, our monthly discussion with the authors of each summarized title. One of the issues we discussed is the problem of group consensus at the executive level. Herbold writes that organizations need to return to a practice of single-person accountability. In his book and in our chat, he cites Alcatel-Lucent as an example of what can go wrong when legacy leadership collides head-on with consensus thinking.

To make sure that you’re alerted as soon as the summary of What’s Holding You Back becomes available, check this blog and follow Soundview on Twitter @businessbooks.


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