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Book Review: Change by Design

When individuals consider the source of great ideas, there is a predisposition to attribute greatness to mysterious forces. People are said to come up with moments of brilliance as a result of “divine inspiration” or “a bolt from the blue.” The latter is humorous when one considers that even lightning has an explanation for its existence. While ideas may appear to come from out of nowhere, the truth is that innovation can be calculated and controlled the same as any other force. The newest summary from Soundview Executive Book Summaries explores this idea. In Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation, author and innovation expert Tim Brown explores the way in which organizations can harness the power of innovation.

Part of the reason that businesses become mystified by the process of innovation is because of the problems they are attempting to solve. Today’s business environment pits the average company against issues of technology, scale, product development and customer and employee satisfaction. Taken as a whole, the issues a company faces can be overwhelming. Brown offers the solution of design thinking, a method to create meaningful change in business and beyond. A key aspect for any reader who picks up a copy of this summary is Brown’s notion that insight is a must-have ability for companies trying to establish design thinking. The secret to insight? Observe the lives of the people around you. Companies often lose direction by overemphasis on internal matters. This disconnects the business from the people who, in most circumstances, will end up buying and using the company’s products.

Change by Design is now available in eight digital summary formats. Visit to learn more.


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