Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Executive SkillSets™: A NEW Must-Have for Leaders

Soundview Executive Book Summaries and its parent company Concentrated Knowledge Corporation are very pleased to debut Executive SkillSets™. This new executive education resource provides the same great multimedia, multi-format learning experience that subscribers to Soundview Executive Book Summaries receive each month. What separates Executive SkillSets from other learning modules is that each SkillSet is devoted to a specific aspect of an executive’s role.

What do you receive if you purchase an Executive SkillSet? Here’s an example.

Communicating Through Effective Presentations provides executives with:

  • 8-page Executive Book Summaries of these 5 titles:
    • Resonate by Nancy Duarte
    • Just Listen by Mark Goulston
    • The Power Presenter by Jerry Weissman
    • Presenting to Win by Jerry Weissman
    • The Art of Woo by G. Richard Shell and Mario Moussa
  • A video interview with Dr. Stan Ridgley, assistant professor of Strategic Management and International Business at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.
  • A 60-minute archived Webinar with Nancy Duarte, discussing how to make presentations resonate with participants.
  • An audio interview with Nancy Duarte containing additional information from her book Resonate.

This adds up to more than three hours of content devoted to educating an executive about a crucial skill for development!

There are 15 Executive SkillSets to choose from, including skills such as maximizing your professional value, leveraging social media, developing great leaders, and more. Each Executive SkillSet contains a variety of materials in a compact, digital package that saves you the time of researching and compiling the best information about the skill you want to strengthen.

To learn more and to see the complete list of Executive SkillSets visit this link to


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