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Book Review: Flash Foresight

Attempting to see into the future of business is a bit like interpreting the quatrains of the 16th century “seer” Nostradamus. The predictions are often varied and can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) in numerous ways. In a new summary now available from Soundview Executive Book Summaries, strategic adviser Daniel Burrus attempts to provide executives with a better method to provide a clearer picture of your company’s future. Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible provides what Burrus describes as “Seven radical principles that will transform your business.”

The interesting aspect for executives who pick up a copy of the summary of Flash Foresight lies in Burrus’ labeling of his seven principles as “radical.” When executives scan the list in the table of contents, they will see phrases such as “Start with Certainty,” “Anticipate,” and “Redefine and Reinvent.” While these principles don’t immediately strike a reader as radical, delving into Burrus’ work unearths surprising insights about strategy and directing one’s business.

This is typified by the principle “Start with Certainty.” Executives are aware of the importance of planning, and they likely spend a good portion of their time plotting a company’s course of action. Burrus turns the notion on its head by helping executives stop wasting time by attempting to discern what may happen and fixating instead on hard trends, those aspects of a business cycle for which a business can prepare. Burrus is a strong writer who puts a tremendous amount of intensity into supporting his ideas.

Executives should toss out their crystal ball and invest in the summary of Flash Foresight. For more information on this and other new summaries from Soundview, visit


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