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Best-selling Author to Chat with YOU, Today at Noon

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn about the way to live your personal values at work with today’s installment of Soundview Live featuring Stan Slap, the author of Bury My Heart at Conference Room B: The Unbeatable Impact of Truly Committed Managers. This is a great Webinar to attend if your organization is attempting to solve the puzzle of how to increase commitment from its staff. The secret is to start with your managers.

Unfortunately, many companies approach this process by attempting to pass off their corporate values as personal. A few months ago, I spoke with Stan Slap about this idea. Here’s what he had to say:

The key neurobiological source of emotional commitment in a human being, and this is not me telling people, this is their brains telling them this, comes from the ability to live your own deepest values in any relationship or environment you’re involved in. For a manager that would be the relationship with his or her company and his or her environment at work. Anything less than that, any other values, do not, in a neurobiological sense, signal the brain that it’s a healthy and safe choice to commit to that relationship or environment. It’s great to work in an environment of corporate values, which is most often strategies being sold as values, but still, for an organization that legitimately has values, that’s a beautiful thing. It’s just not the same thing as managers being able to fulfill their own deepest values, and that is the source of emotional commitment.

Soundview Live featuring Stan Slap premiers today at Noon (Eastern). It promises to be a great event! Don’t forget, Soundview subscribers attend every Soundview Live event for FREE!

To learn more, visit Soundview online at


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