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Book Review: What’s Holding You Back?

Sometimes criticism can be a tough thing to take. Despite countless examples from top CEOs of the role that failure played in their ultimate success, hearing about one’s issues can cause many professionals to buckle under the strain. There are those who believe that the source of the criticism can either increase or decrease the likelihood that the recipient will seriously consider what is offered. Robert J. Herbold held high-ranking executive positions at Microsoft and Procter & Gamble. The advice he offers in the latest book to be summarized by Soundview Executive Book Summaries What’s Holding You Back? 10 Bold Steps that Define Gutsy Leaders is more than enough to get even the most jaded professional to sit up and take notice.

Herbold contends that one of the main problems that stops an executive from achieving his or her full potential is the inability to make the tough decisions. This can be derived from a number of root causes, but the effect is always the same: it jeopardizes the company’s goals, irritates the leader’s direct reports and draws the ire of other executives. One of the strengths of Herbold’s book is that it offers 10 steps to enable any leader to strengthen his or her decision-making abilities. An executive’s entire career is built on his or her ability to make the tough calls. Any leader can float along when the times are good, but, as Herbold demonstrates through a number of memorable examples, the best leaders have what it takes to swim when the seas are at their roughest.

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