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Soundview Leadership Alert and the New Golden Rule

One segment of that always receives a high level of traffic is the page devoted to FREE business book reviews. There are several hundred reviews of new and classic business books. Before you decide whether or not to devote your time to checking out a book, stop by and read a review first.

Of course, the business book reviews aren’t the only free content that’s available at Have you checked out the FREE e-newsletter Soundview’s Leadership Alert? Each month you’ll receive unique perspectives on various areas of leadership from best-selling business authors and experts in the field. It’s a great, compact way to receive a powerful bit of leadership information delivered directly to your in-box.

In the latest edition of Soundview Leadership Alert, you’ll learn about a better method for predicting the future of your business (and the economy in which it operates) from Daniel Burrus, author of Flash Foresight. Burrus discusses the danger involved in ignoring hard trends and how this will impact business and society over the next 20 years. However, one of the most interesting anecdotes in this edition is his discussion of a prediction made by The New York Times. In an article from the mid-1990s, the Times predicted the fall of a company that was experiencing trouble and a lack of direction. The identity of the company will surprise you, and Burrus explains why the Times should have considered other factors before miscalculating the mystery company’s downfall, one which never occurred. In fact, the targeted business not only triumphed, they became the model of what Burrus describes in the issue as the New Golden Rule of Business.

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