Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Leaders: Did You See the (not so) Subtle Thread?

I hope those of you who attended our Soundview Live event with James Kouzes and Barry Posner yesterday enjoyed the fantastic leadership advice that the authors presented. We certainly had a great response from the audience. It may interest you to know that there were numerous questions about the way in which leaders can simplify the many messages that are communicated to employees. I’d encourage everyone to revisit the Soundview Executive Book Summary of The Truth About Leadership. There are tips contained in the summary that will help anyone who shared the questions of many audience members about how to present and represent the values that are shared by the leader and his or her organization and harmonize those values with what employees hold dear.

The discussion of values during yesterday’s event made me reflect on the last several Soundview Live events. One common thread that ran through our events with Stan Slap, author of Bury My Heart at Conference Room B, and Kouzes and Posner is the importance of a leader clarifying his or her own values before approaching his or her job. This level of self-evaluation is something that so many leaders by-pass due to a desire to dive in and deliver results. While the expectations on leaders are higher now than at any other point in our economic history, the point that our Soundview Live guests have reiterated is that your role, as a leader, can only be strengthened if you first understand what you want: from yourself, from the job and from others.

Check out the archive editions of our Soundview Live Webinars with Stan Slap and James Kouzes and Barry Posner (coming in three to five business days!). For more information on upcoming Soundview Live events, visit


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