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Book Review: Stop Workplace Drama

If you tuned in to Soundview’s recent edition of Soundview Live featuring author Marlene Chism, you heard her refer to the gaps that occur in organizations that create drama. She also spoke at length about the three common components in all drama that occurs inside and outside of the office. For a more in-depth look at this material, executives should pick up Soundview Executive Book Summaries’ new summary of Chism’s book Stop Workplace Drama: Train Your Team to Have No Complaints, No Excuses and No Regrets. In a compact, results-filled summary, Chism reveals the ways in which a lack of clarity, relationship issues and problems with energy generate drama.

Chism has spent countless hours analyzing and working with organizations to get to the core of what causes drama to occur. Early in the book, she makes a claim that, while appearing obvious, should cause every reader to pause and reflect. Whether in the form of office politics, power struggles or gossip, organizations label workplace drama as something that “just happens.” Chism maintains throughout her book that acceptance of drama does not have to be a part of any organization’s business plan.

Stop Workplace Drama is a book written for leaders in any size organization. Chism helps executives understand that resolving workplace drama involves evaluating oneself as much as the teams that an executive manages. She presents pointed observations that require a strong degree of honesty and self-assessment on the part of the reader. However, the benefits are a workplace and a career path that is eased of the burden of constant drama.

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