Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Learn How to Get Through To Anyone

Communication issues are often cited as a root cause of problems in many organizations. Soundview Executive Book Summaries has covered the topic in various book summaries, from Stop Workplace Drama to Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. One of the most popular Soundview Executive Book Summaries on the subject of communication is Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston. The summary’s continued popularity is due, in part, to Goulston’s methods for rescuing situations when communication seems impossible. Readers have returned time and again to his advice on breaking down communication barricades and allowing for a more collaborative, emotionally secure situation.

Whether or not you’ve read the summary of Just Listen, next week, Soundview is offering a unique opportunity to learn communication secrets directly from Goulston. He will be the guest on the next installment of Soundview Live on Wednesday, July 27 at Noon (Eastern). One aspect of Goulston’s presentation to which I’m particularly looking forward is the discussion of the “Magic Paradox” to turn a negative person into an asset. During the course of any Soundview Live Webinar, I inevitably receive questions  from the audience about how to handle a difficult employee or manager. Each Soundview Live guest has a unique take on it, but I think Goulston will be able to provide one of the most practical strategies for anyone who attends this Webinar.

To get your “virtual seat,” visit to sign-up. Don’t forget, if you’re a Soundview subscriber, you can attend Soundview Live featuring Mark Goulston for FREE!


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