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Book Review: Fierce Leadership

Many organizations operate under a loosely assembled set of operating procedures. This isn’t the fault of the company. It’s part of the evolution of a business where necessity often dictates what becomes standard practice. At some point, in an attempt to become more efficient, the business tries to create a set of “Best Practices” or, in many cases, searches for advice on the subject from a variety of resources. Author and leadership development architect Susan Scott points out that many of the “best” practices that are available to companies can lead to potential problems. In her book Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today, Scott provides methods to help a company re-energize its leadership and create positive change. It’s also now available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary.

Scott’s experience with organizational excellence was honed during her 13-year tenure with The Executive Committee, a company that ran think-tanks for CEOs. As Scott said in an interview with Soundview, “Over those 13 years, I had somewhere upwards of 12,000 hours of conversations with CEOs, either one-on-one during two-hour monthly conversations or when they were together as a group. The purpose was for the CEOs to advise one another on their most pressing issues. If they had key decisions to make or problems to solve or strategies to design or opportunities to evaluate, their purpose was to get it right rather than be right about their opinions. A central function of any high-functioning leader is to master the courage and the skill to interrogate multiple competing realities. We provoked learning and we would tackle problems and resolve tough issues and in the process, we enriched relationships.”

To revitalize your company’s leadership with Scott’s insights, pick up a copy of the summary of Fierce Leadership at


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