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Soundview Live Webinar Updates: Don’t Miss Out!

Soundview Executive Book Summaries is pleased to announce that the archive link of our Soundview Live Webinar with Dr. Mark Goulston is now available! This Webinar was attended by thousands of Soundview subscribers (for FREE, it’s worth mentioning) and generated a tremendous amount of interest over the past several days. We were asked by numerous people about the availability of the Webinar for rebroadcast or download. The good news is that if you missed Dr. Goulston’s presentation last week, it’s now available for you to download and listen whenever works for your schedule. The Webinar is available in an mp3 audio format so it can be used with any mobile device. You will also receive the slides from the presentation and a copy of the Soundview Executive Book Summary of Just Listen: Discover the Secret of Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

Soundview Live is the only weekly Webinar that puts you in touch with today’s top business authors. If you’ve signed up for today’s installment featuring William A. Schiemann, author of Reinventing Talent Management, make sure you test your system at least 60 minutes before today’s event. Without giving too much away, Dr. Schiemann will provide insights into talent management that could make a major difference in your company’s performance. Make sure that wherever you listen to today’s event, you have either a pen and paper or a word processing program open to enable you to take notes. However, if you miss something, much like with the Goulston event, an archive link will be made available shortly after the program.

Take advantage of Soundview’s 90-plus hours of archived Webinars by visiting


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