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Anyone Can Be Charismatic

Charisma – a special quality of leadership that captures the popular imagination and inspires allegiance and devotion.

Do you know someone who has charisma? It’s easy to recognize isn’t it? A person with charisma is someone you want to be around, someone who makes you feel good, inspired, motivated to make more of yourself. This is why people with charisma make good leaders. They can “rally the troops” and move people to get things done.

A man who stands out in my memory visited our church a few times. When he spoke, his voice demanded your attention, his humble manner earned your immediate trust, and his words evoked authority. When he talked to individuals they listened attentively and he could say even the most difficult things with acceptance.

What about yourself? Do you have charisma? Perhaps you think that you’re either born with it or you’re not, so why try to gain charisma. Deiric McCann would disagree. In his book, Leadership Charisma, McCann makes the case that anyone can have charisma if they know how to pursue it. And he backs up his claim with research from over 40,000 leaders worldwide.

To learn firsthand about McCann’s findings, we’ve invited him to our next Soundview Live webinar, Becoming a Charismatic Leader, on August 24th. He will present his four-step Charisma Model which promises to make you a more charismatic leader.

This is what Brad Sugars, chairman of ActionCoach says about Deiric McCann’s work:

“Leadership Charisma looks at a style of leadership long presumed to be unattainable for most people not ‘naturally’ born ‘charismatic’ … and gives people real, tangible, and quantifiable tools and behaviors they can immediately use to increase their personal effectiveness. This is one of the few resources I know that delves deeply into why this style of leadership is so effective, how it can be used and applied by anyone, and how it can be implemented in any organization. If you are looking for a resource that will help you passionately share a vision and purpose – and enlist others to help you make that happen – this book is for you.”

Quite a ringing endorsement isn’t it? So why not join us next week to see for yourself. And after you hear McCann speak, come on back to this post and leave your comments about his claims.


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