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Update from Soundview Live: Questions to Ask a Potential Hire

If you attended last week’s Soundview Live event with Bill Wiersma, author of The Power of Professionalism (get your copy of the Soundview Summary here!), you know that we had a large and very interactive audience. We covered a tremendous amount of material but there was one very important question from the listening audience to which Bill wanted to devote more time.

Several listeners checked in to ask about what questions someone can ask a potential hire during the interview process to reveal the candidate’s level of professionalism. As Bill indicated, this is a subject that could easily have filled a second Soundview Live event. As a result, he kindly agreed to put up a post on his blog at to reveal some good questions to ask to uncover a person’s professionalism. Click here to see the blog post and Bill’s response to this key point.

Were you unable to attend this Soundview Live event? If so, you missed a fantastic discussion of the importance of professionalism and the Seven Mindsets of Trusted Professionals. There was a great segment on mastering one’s emotions as opposed to being enslaved by them. However, I think the most useful part of the program was Bill’s discussion of the idea that being a professional enhances trust and is as important to your business as financial capital.

If you missed the event, the good news is that you now have the opportunity to listen to it whenever you’d like. Visit Soundview’s Web site and download the archive edition of Soundview Live featuring Bill Wiersma.

And don’t forget this week’s edition of Soundview Live featuring Deiric McCann, the author of Leadership Charisma. Soundview subscribers can attend for FREE!


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