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Getting a Seat at the Table

A few years ago our company was looking to update our methods of contacting subscribers to let them know when their subscriptions are due to expire. Since one of our ways of contacting customers is through the mail, we connected with the printer Anro.

Now, the sales rep from Anro could have come in with slick brochures, samples, and the like and tried to impress us with their fancy machines and technology. But instead, they sat down with us to look at our goals, and offered solutions based on what their technologies had to offer. They not only got the job, but we now routinely contact them to ask for advice on various issues and problems relating to our printing needs. Anro has a “seat at the table” when it comes to contacting customers and promoting our services.

This is the concept behind the work of Marc Miller, author of A Seat at the Table. Marc calls on salespeople to shed their traditional sales role and become businesspeople who sell. Although this is not a new concept, Marc presents the concept in a fresh way that can be applied to any field of sales. Marc is founder and CEO of Sogistics Corporation, an internationally known sales productivity improvement firm who helps organizations to better understand, connect, and add value to their customers’ strategies as a way to drive more profitable sales growth.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative sales approach, we invite you to join Marc Miller for our upcoming Soundview Live webinar, How to Radically Improve Sales Productivity, on August 31st. And bring your questions for Marc, as we will open up the discussion for attendees to query him on their unique sales problems.

I expect that all sales people would like to be in the enviable position of being on a client’s speed-dial when they’re looking for advice and guidance.

You can find additional sales advice in our summary of Exceptional Selling and in the books Consultative Selling by Mark Hanan, Solution Selling by Michael Bosworth, and Relationship Selling by Atul Uchil.


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