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Book Review: The Steve Jobs Way

Let’s face it, there may be no other single executive whose work has received more attention (more positive attention, at least) than former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The impact of Jobs’ recent decision to step down sent shockwaves throughout the tech industry and caused consternation among Apple shareholders as the source of some of the most game-changing technology of the past two decades fades into memory. Jobs is most often celebrated for his vision and his emphasis on elegant, simple design. However, as a new Soundview Executive Book Summary demonstrates, Jobs’ incredible abilities as a leader should never be overshadowed.

In The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation (now available at, author Jay Elliot (with William L. Simon) takes a look at the aspects of Jobs’ management style that allowed him to guide his company to its position of omnipresence in our lives. This is a view that few people have ever had of this unique, sometimes confounding, corporate visionary.

The single question that is most often asked about Apple is how Jobs is able to get so many people to push themselves to create products that, although never previously conceived, instantly alter our lives. Elliot offers some surprising insights about Jobs’ leadership style. The book is filled with analysis that doesn’t skimp on takeaways. Elliot does an excellent job of examining the nuances of Jobs’ methods without weighing readers down with backstory and biographical information. The Steve Jobs Way is possibly the best book yet about the executive to whose heights the majority of CEOs aspire.

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