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Remembering 9/11
September 7, 2011, 10:15 AM
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CBS News reported on Tuesday that Nick and Kathy Kavounas just replaced their worn out American flag with a crisp new one. That doesn’t really seem like news until you learn that this is their 3rd flag since 9/11, when they first began displaying the American flag. As Nick Kavounas told The Early Show, “Probably, 9/11 had a bigger impact on me than any other event of my lifetime.”

9/11 also affected another group of individuals, called the 9/11 Recruits. These are people who enlisted because of the tragedy. They felt that they needed to do something for their country and for those who lost their lives. Although there was no real surge in recruitment after 9/11, there were those throughout the country that credit this event as their reason for entering the military.

This September 11th marks the 10th Anniversary of the terrorist plane attacks on the U.S. at the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and the Flight 93 crash in Shanksville, PA . Many TV networks are planning week-long series to remember the attack (CBS), publications and websites are covering the events in various ways (WSJ), and communities throughout the country are hosting parades and other events to remember the day and the people who were lost.

At both Ground Zero in NYC and the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville , new memorials and museums are opening on Sunday, and the Pentagon memorial is already completed and open. Each of these sites is worth a visit to better grasp the enormity of this tragedy.

One of the companies interviewed by WSJ is Keefe, Bruyette and Woods Inc, who lost 67 of 171 New York employees in the south tower. John Duffy, CEO of the company, lost his son on 9/11, and says of their goal to keep the company together, “None of us wanted 9/11 to be the last day in the firm’s history. We didn’t want the bad guys to win.”

This is a sentiment held by many, both individuals and companies. Fortune Magazine provided an impactful graphic on page 108 of their September 5th edition, showing the Twin Towers, along with the resident companies and their loss of life in the attack. It’s hard to imagine what an event of this magnitude would do to most companies, but the prevailing conviction was one of staying the course, of moving forward for the sake of those that were lost.

This is a good week for all of us to reflect on what is really important in our lives and companies, and to value the colleagues, friends and family with which we have been blessed. Take a moment on Sunday to remember those that lost their lives, and the fortitude which makes our country great.


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