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Book Review: Win

Best-selling author and top pollster Dr. Frank I. Luntz first gained popularity with his 2007 release Words that Work. That title offered a method for using the power of language to gain an edge in any situation. Luntz’s ability to harness the potential of language and channel it into a tool for higher achievement resurfaces in his latest work. In Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary, now available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary at, Luntz continues to instruct readers how to dominate the workplace and beyond with structured communication that both touches emotional buttons and generates results.

Win pushes Luntz’s “Nine P’s of Winning” as the preferred method for reaching the reader’s personal summit. The nine P’s cover a variety of subjects, including networking, partnerships, and negotiation, among others. Luntz’s abilities as a communication expert translate well to the printed page. He races through each of the nine P’s of winning, wasting neither words nor the reader’s time. While some of the examples he uses to reinforce his point are present in many business books (i.e. Bill Clinton’s strengths as a communicator, Michael Jordan’s abilities to push teammates to greatness), Luntz digs deeper into how the concept which the familiar person or company represents can be applied to the reader’s experience.

One of the most important takeaways for readers is Luntz’s suggestion that there is no one recipe for success. Becoming a winner requires following a set of rules that, when linked together, form the common elements found in most success stories. Luntz’s book is an excellent read for executives searching for the next gear in their professional lives.

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