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Book Review: Beyond Performance

The achievement of success is only 50 percent of the struggle for the majority of companies. Once a company reaches a level of prosperity, the ability to sustain (or, more likely, increase) the profits, good publicity and employee satisfaction is, some would argue, more difficult than the original climb to the top. According to authors and consultants Scott Keller and Colin Price, only one-third of companies that achieve success are able to sustain it for a length of time. After extensive research, Keller and Price arrived at the conclusion that the difference maker for that slim number of organizations is an awareness of and devotion to organizational health. They elaborate on the intricacies of how to grow and maintain a company’s health in their book Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage. It’s the latest title available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary!

Reading the phrase “organizational health” may cause some executives to recoil, thinking that Beyond Performance is a study in “soft skills.” As has been proven in a number of business books, and again in Keller and Price’s work, the companies that assume their organization’s own level of health is excellent are generally the ones that could most benefit from a bit of resuscitation. Keller and Price do an excellent job of demonstrating the importance of organizational health to a business’s continued success, but what no reader should miss is their argument that performance and health are not mutually exclusive. The authors take readers inside the science of organizational health and reveal methods for executives to create a better all-around commitment to organizational objectives.

Beyond Performance is available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary in multiple digital formats. To get your copy, visit Soundview’s Web site


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