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Let It Rain!

After the devastating rains that we’ve experience here on the east coast, you may not want to hear anything more about rain, but today I’m talking about a different kind of rain – the kind that will make you money.

Rainmaker” is a term used in business for the sales people who bring in the most new clients and revenue. From this term, Mike Shultz and his partner John Doerr of the RAIN Group have developed their sales training approach around the acronym RAIN, which stands for Rapport, Aspirations and Afflictions, Impact and New Reality.

In this training program and their recent best-selling book Rainmaking Conversations, Shultz and Doerr provide a proven system for leading masterful conversations that they guarantee will fill the pipeline, secure new deals and maximize the potential of each account.

In their book, the authors start with the salesperson. They suggest that you must ask some hard questions of yourself if you really want to become a rainmaker, questions that I found to be very insightful.

  1. How strong is my desire to achieve in sales?
  2. How committed am I to doing what I need to do to succeed?
  3. How energetically will I pursue success?
  4. How’s my attitude?
  5. Do I accept responsibility for my outcomes or do I make excuses?
  6. Am I willing to face my sales demons?

There is real wisdom in this approach, because if a salesperson is not properly motivated, no amount of training or coaching is going to help them succeed. If you’re involved in sales, you might want to ask yourself these questions as well. And if your answers reveal real motivation for becoming a rainmaker, you’ll want to join us on October 6th for our Soundview Live webinar with Mike Shultz entitled Mastering the Art of Sales Conversations.

Mike will explain his approach in-depth, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask those nagging questions you have about your own situation. Then you’ll be saying “Let It Rain sales.”


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I like the first “Attitude” and “Motivation” approach like many of the strong sales teachings around the world. If Sales don’t deliver, then RAIN will soon be PAIN! Very poetic!

Best Wishes,


Comment by Dinesh R Makwana

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