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Engage Your Employees Now

According to Robert Half International, the average person works at about 50 percent of capacity. Because of unclear job assignments, lack of priorities, poor management and direction, and lack of feedback, the average employee wastes 50 percent or more of his or her time in activities that have nothing to do with the job.

This wasted time is consumed in idle chitchat with co-workers, extended lunches and coffee breaks, employees coming in late and leaving early, surfing the Internet and engaging in personal business and other time-filling activities that represent virtually no return to the company on the amount of money invested in paying people’s salaries, wages and benefits.

Does this describe your office? I’ve certainly experienced this in a previous company. Often I would find myself reading the same sentence over 3 or 4 times amidst the discussions across the cubicle walls of the latest game, exploits of someone’s child, or ogling over a new pair of shoes. What’s a manager to do?

Brian Tracy, in his new book Full Engagement, offers a perspective that might surprise you. Happiness! That’s it. Tracy makes the case that the prime motivator for all people is to be happy, and if you can make your employees feel happy about their work, their coworkers, and their interaction with customers and vendors, they will give you their best work 8 hours a day.

To learn more about how managers can engage their employees, we’ve invited Brian to discuss his findings and engagement methods with us at the next Soundview Live webinar, Unlocking Superstar Performance.  Our goal is to provide managers with hands-on advice that they can begin using immediately in their workplaces.

Because of our long-time relationship with Brian Tracy, we are able to offer this webinar free of charge for all attendees. So sign up today and bring your questions for Brian.


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