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Book Review: The Third Screen

The Third Screen by Chuck Martin

Author and self-proclaimed “mobile evangelist” Chuck Martin feels that we are in the midst of the biggest technical revolution in human history. In The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers In a World Gone Mobile, Martin helps readers capitalize on the technology that dominates the daily existence of the majority of their customers. His strategy-packed book is now available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary. Appropriately enough, readers can check out the summary in formats for a variety of the mobile devices described by Martin in his book.

Martin’s ability to be in touch with his intended audience is evident from the first page. His writing style itself could serve as a how-to for enhancing a business’s methods for communicating with its mobile audience. The Third Screen delivers information in the same short, high-intensity bursts that satisfy someone scanning his or her iPhone for information. One of the key takeaways for readers is Martin’s emphasis on thinking small. The delivery of information needs personalization, a shorter lead time and presentation that is formatted for (not adapted to) mobile devices.

If you have any doubt about whether or not your business needs to increase its involvement in mobile offerings, ask yourself this question: what are you using to read this blog post right now? The Third Screen will cover everything from search to apps to location-based marketing. It’s the one book your company needs to read if it intends to make its mark in the mobile sector.

To download a copy of the Soundview Executive Book Summary of The Third Screen, and to learn more about Soundview’s unique approach to mobile learning, visit Soundview’s Web site


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