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Bring On the Interruptions

It’s inevitable. You’re in the midst of an important project, you’re on a roll, the ideas are flowing and you’re really accomplishing something. And then it comes – the ring of the phone, the knock on the door, or the beep of an incoming email. And your concentration is broken.

At this point most people would be trying to rein in their frustration … or not. But there’s an alternative response suggested by Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup Company. He says we should embrace the interruptions and make the most of them – that these sources of frustration are actually opportunities to lead.

Conant calls such interruptions TouchPoints, which is also the name of his new book. Conant states that “… these interactions are overlooked opportunities to expand your influence and deliver measurably better results.” When someone knocks on your door, stops you in the hallway, or emails you with a concern, you have the opportunity to “transform these ordinary interactions into powerful leadership moments – one TouchPoint at a time.”

Conant also points out that these interactions can have an exponential effect through social-networking. Each person we engage with has a network of relationships. Whatever we say or do in a TouchPoint can be quickly transmitted to others throughout a person’s network. When you impart a sense of urgency, inspire confidence, or really blow it, others will hear about it. So, positive TouchPoints can multiply your impact exponentially.

On November 9th, we will all have the opportunity to hear Doug Conant in action, as he joins our Soundview Live webinar, Creating Powerful Leadership Connections. Perhaps there will be some TouchPoints during the webinar to prove his point. Join us and bring your questions for Doug.


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